Natural Bhutan Products

Bhutan 2020: A vision for peace, prosperity and happiness

Bio Bhutan recognizes „Bhutan 2020: A Vision for Peace, Prosperity and Happiness“

as the guiding principal

In particular: 

Environmentally ‘clean’ products that would be marketed in industrialized countries, stressing that they were produced in an environment that was among the least polluted to be found anywhere in the world. 

Products based upon our rich biodiversity. Some 5,000 species of plants have so far been identified. 

Introduce measures that increase the attractiveness of the private sector especially to our young people as a place of work.

Create opportunities for small businesses to flourish and promote arrangements that link larger enterprises with smaller ones through sub- contracting and other arrangements with the aim of developing inter-linkages and deepening the nation’s industrial structure. 

The „Bhutan 2020:A Vision for Peace, Prosperity and Happiness“ has been published by: Planning Commission; Royal Government of Bhutan (May 1999)