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The Story Behind The Soap

The Story behind the Soap years 2008 to 2010

Bio Soap is the result of a successful cooperation between many partners.

The Sustainable Development Secretariat in Bhutan offered the opportunity to propose a project under the Programme of South-South Cooperation for Sustainable Development Benin, Bhutan and Costa Rica. It was hard work, but finally the project “Development of Organic Soap” got approved and work could begin.

A consultant from Thailand helped to develop a bar soap based on the rich biodiversity of Bhutan. Ginger and turmeric, lemongrass and Artemisia essential oils, mustard seed oil and bees wax are the components of the bar soap developed under the umbrella of the South-South Cooperation.

Bio Bhutan always includes farmers in the sourcing and manufacturing process! It were the wives of the distillers in Eastern Bhutan who received the training in soap making. They even travelled to Costa Rica to learn who women in Costa Rica produce soap! Today, the headquarter of the lemon grass association of Bhutan has a soap manufacturing unit up and running in Sherichu.

Soap production was in full swing, when Primavera Life in Germany inquired if we could ship soaps to Europe: Yes we tried and now the soap is a regular product of Bhutan in the shelves of German organic shops!

The story does not end here. With each bar of soap sold in Germany, funds are generated for the Youth Development Fund in Bhutan!