Natural Bhutan Products

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The Beginning

Bio Bhutan’s journey began in 2002 at the World Expo in Switzerland where the popularity of the Bhutanese pavilion captured the interest of the Swiss COOP – the largest retailer of organic products in Switzerland. This interest led to the recruitment of a group of consultants from Switzerland, Germany and Bhutan with the aim to promote organic agriculture in Bhutan. It was during this time period that the idea of Bio-Bhutan was conceived by its founders Dr. Irmela Harz and Karma Yangzom. The business plan was ultimately met with the approval from both the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Helvetas who provided the firm with a start-up capital of Ngultrum 5.6 million. In 2004 Bio Bhutan opened its doors with the iconic blue-green cloud and white mountain logo which has become synonymous with the company’s most popular product – the lemongrass air spray.


early hours of Bio Bhutan


sharing ideas with Swiss friends


visiting companies in India


Yanka, first employee