Natural Bhutan Products

Corporate Social Responsibility

Bhutan’s pristine environment and prevailing traditional farming systems which utilize little to no agricultural chemicals facilitate an easy start into organic production in the country. Organic farming goes in line with sustainability, meaning that organic production must be in accordance with what nature can provide.

The kingdoms policy directed towards the sustainable development of the agricultural sectors falls in line with the values of Bio-Bhutan who seek to improve the economic welfare of Bhutanese farmers whilst simultaneously providing both regional and international consumers with unique products that are 100% natural and pass through a transparent supply chain. Since many customers are located in Europe, our certification follows the EU standards.

Furthermore, the company seeks to give back to the community by generating funds for the Youth Development Fund with each bar of Bio-Soap sold in Germany. As highlighted by Bio-Bhutan’s Value Statement, the company strives to achieve a synergetic combination between economic, environmental and ethical responsibility.