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Essential Oils

Since the 1980 Bhutanese farmers of eastern districts have been collecting and distilling native lemongrass (Cymbopogon flexuosus). The grass thrives as natural undergrowth of chirpine (Pinus roxburghii) at altitudes between 500 to 2000 m asl. Though extremely labour intensive, distillers and grass collectors appreciate the additional income from this unique lemon grass essential oil.

The characteristic bouquet of the Bhutanese aromatic oil stems from the composition of the aromatic oil. Besides the main constituent “citral” the oil contains considerable amounts of geraniol, neral and citronellal.

Since 2005, members of the lemon grass cooperative in Mongar have been granted a EU accredited certificate for wild collected lemon grass. The certificate enables Bio Bhutan to export lemon grass essential oil to high end customers in Europe.

Besides the export of essential oil to customers in the Europe, Bio Bhutan has developed the lemon grass air spray. The iconic product with its pristine Bhutanese scent of fresh lemongrass has travelled the world since 2005.

Pure Essential Lemon Grass Oil (pet bottle of 60 ml)

Lemon Grass Air Spray (glass container with spray nozzle; 30 ml)