Bio Herbal Tea


A combination of three different aromas from the Himalayas:  Himalayan Gooseberry „amla“, Costus Root* with its earthy taste and the pungent Bhutanese Pepper. We recommend this tea as a "digestive" after meals.

*Bhutanese Costus Root is cultivated in small farmers’ fields in central Bhutan between 2000 and 3000 m above sea level.


Bio Ginger Tea


Enjoy the aroma of ginger from the highlands of Bhutan. A fine blend of Assam tea and organically grown ginger from Bhutan. The ginger in this tea is cultivated by the Dekiling group in Sarpang, a scenic little community set in the foothills of south-central Bhutan.


Bio Lemongrass Green Tea


This fresh, zesty and lemony tea is made from organic lemongrass from Bhutan and an excellent grade of spring flush green tea from India. Lemongrass is one of the most popular ingredients in traditional medicine. It is known to have cleansing and detoxifying properties