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Bio Bhutan would not exist without its partners, its supporters and friends. Be it the Ministry of Agriculture, the National Biodiversity Center, the Social Forestry Division or the Biodiversity Center in Serbithang, the Ministry of Economic Affairs in the capital or the extension agents in the field.

Moreover, international agencies played a vital role in the development of Bio Bhutan. Helvetas  made it possible to start up with a loan of 5.6 Million Ngultrum or 139000 Swiss Francs. Together with the colleagues of  SNV we studied value chains of non-wood forest products: Physalis emblica, Swertia chirata, Piper mullesua, honey from local bees. The cooperation did not only result in publications, but facilitated the development of the herbal tea containing 3 important medicinal plants: pipla (Piper mullesua), rur-ta (Saussurea lappa) and amla (Physalis emblica).

Bio Bhutan was lucky enough to work together with the Sustainable Development Secretariat on the and the South-South Cooperation for Sustainable Development in Benin, Bhutan and Costa Rica This cooperation resulted in the development of the Bio Soap which contains only Bhutanese ingredients!

This soap has made its way even to our partner and supporter Primavera Life in Southern Bhutan. The German Firm stands for 30 years of experience with plants, aroma therapy and natural cosmetics as a source of inspiration to others, sharing our love for nature and humankind.

We are proud and thankful for the support and friendship of our partners!

In 2017 our partner Primavera Life GmbH invited employees of Bio Bhutan for a product development training in Germany

Product development training

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