It was in 2004, when Karma Yangzom and Irmela travelled to Switzerland to discuss the outcome of a feasibility study titled:

„Bio Label“ Bhutan: How to create added value for farmers, consumersand the nature in Bhutan?

The desk officer for Bhutan at the headquarter of Helvetas in Zurich received us with the question: „Is it true that it is economically feasible to introduce an organic label in Bhutan?“ We proudly answered „yes“, it is possible. The desk officer replied: „Alright, if you think it is feasible, then I would request you to prove it!“

Back to Thimphu, we applied for the license at the Ministry of Economic Affairs. We received our first business license in the year 2005!

Several meetings were held with stakeholders from the government, the donor Helvetas an cooperating partners in order to establish clear guidelines and objectives. It was during these meetings that we established the long term vision of Bio Bhutan, the main goals and the objectives.


Bhutan becomes a recognized player at national, regional and international organic markets.


To contribute to the sustainable use of natural resources, improve income, and employment opportunities of rural communities and private entrepreneurs through the establishment of the organic industry in Bhutan.


Cooperatives, Farmer- and producer groups and consumers decide to produce, consume, and market organic products to satisfy social and economic needs of the people of Bhutan.

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