Dasho Sherub Gyaltshen, the then Secretary of the Ministry of Agriculture said in his foreword to a case study on „Organic Lemongrass Oil Contributes to Poverty Reduction and Environmental Sustainability“ published in 2008:

…. Success in community-based approaches to forestry and natural resource management promises to deliver both sustainable resource management and secure livelihood for our rural communities and at the same time strengthen local governance. But there are also challenges. It is timely for us to reflect on our achievements, but also to acknowledge areas for improvement…

Innovative measures must be in place to save natural resources. As an example: the fire wood consumption of small scale distillation units are comparably high. Technology to reduce or to replace fire wood through the installation of economical distillation units must be developed and tested.

Bio Bhutan installed in 2017 a medium size distillation unit run entirely on electricity. First trials with this new technology are very promising.

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