Bio Soap


Bio Soap contains valuable ingredients:

  • mustard oil carefully extracted from Brassica juncea, brown or Indian mustard
  • turmeric Curcuma longa cultivated and processed by women groups in Bhutan
  • ginger Zingiber officinale cultivated in Southern Bhutan
  • essential oils distilled through steam distillation from wild crafted lemon grass Cymbopogon flexuosus and artemisia Artemisia spp..

The soap has been reported skin protecting properties.



Recently a Rhododendron Soap has been developed!

All soap bars are manually being wrapped in Daphne Paper.

The soap bars are available in 30 g and 100 g bars.




Orange Soap for delicate skin: contains mustard oil, turmeric & artemisia essential oil




Brown soap contains mustard oil, ginger and lemongrass essential oil.




Green Soap contains mustard oil, ginger and artemisia essential oil