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Bio Bhutan

About Bio Bhutan

Bio Bhutan is the country’s very first enterprise that specializes in the sustainable production of natural and organic certified products from raw materials supplied by local farmers.

It was initially founded in 2005 with support from COOP Switzerland https://www.coop.ch/en/ and Helvetas https://www.helvetas.org/en/bhutan. The company envisions to create a brand that embraces the essence of Gross National Happiness through the simultaneous creation of value for farmers, consumers, and the nature in Bhutan!

Inspired by the power of plant, the allure of pristine Bhutan and the benefits of the sustainable utilization of plant resources, the brand is committed to deliver natural products to consumers whilst also improving the lives of rural communities. Small-scale farmers from remote and hilly areas in Bhutan are paid premium prices for their locally produced resources which in turn is transformed into value-adding benefits for an increasingly nature-oriented consumer market.

Bio Bhutan has offices in Mongar & Thimphu Dzongkhag and our products are exported to many countries including Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, Europe, and the USA.




“To be a leading enterprise in Bhutan, known for our commitment to sustainable practices, premium natural products and the well-being of farmers and consumers. We envision a future where Bio Bhutan serves as a model for responsible and ethical business, promoting the harmonious co-existence of people, nature and happiness.”

“Produce and promote natural and organic certified products while creating sustainable value for farmers, consumers and the environment in Bhutan.”

The Three E-Trifecta
Economic, Environmental & Ethical Responsibility
Three pillars of Bio Bhutan

  • Sustainability
  • Fairness
  • Innovation


Our Promise

We ensure you receive authentic and pure natural products that support local communities, health for people and environment. The products are eco-friendly and contain NO harmful ingredients viz. Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Parabens, artificial or added color, synthetic fragrance, and under goes no animal testing.

The bio natural products are formulated from botanically sourced ingredients without the use of artificial or synthetic chemicals.The bio organic products are produced from botanicals grown without the application of synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, or fungicides according to the requirements of the IMO IN Organic Standard.

Our clear and honest labeling policy enables consumers to make an informed choice. Our passion for transparency and equitable sharing or fair price policy assures that every product you buy makes a difference in the lives of our rural communities.

IMO Control Private Limited confirms Bhutan Bio Bhutan’s oil meets the requirements of the IMO IN Organic Standard under the regulation (EC) No 834/2007 & regulation (EC) No 889/2008 and Swiss Organic Farming Ordinance (SR 910.18) http://imocontrol.in/

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Pure Essential Oils and Fragrances (13)

Organic Spices (5)

Non-Wood Forest Products (2)

Natural Handmade Soap Bar (7)

Herbal Teas (3)