Handmade Soap Bar

Trading Partners for 3 Decades

Primavera Life GmbH in Mittelberg-Oy in Allgäu buys essential oil from Bhutan since the 1990s. The business relationship began in 1991, when the managers of Primavera Life GmbH visited Bhutan upon invitation by the Royal Family.

All lemon grass oil send to Primavera is certified organic according to standards laid out for organic wild collection by the European Union.

But it’s not only the essential oil that matters. In 2014, Bio Bhutan enterprise started manufacturing soap Each bar is cut by hand, stamped with the enterprise’ logo and packed individually in daphne paper produced by the paper manufacturers of Bhutan. Even the sticker on each bar of soap is printed with Kuensel in Thimphu. That way the value chain remains in the hand of the Bhutanese until the produce is shipped to Primavera Life GmbH in Germany. During the past 6 years, 300000 bars of soap reached stores and shops in Germany. “Share Happiness” is the slogan of the soap from Bhutan. And at the end of each year of partnership, parts of the profit return to Bhutan through the Youth Development Fund.

That way, it’s a profitable partnership for ALL and an example of how value is added to natural products from Bhutan. Her Excellency Aum Pema Choden stated during her visit at Primavera Life in April 2018: “This is what we want: economic partnership between Bhutanese and European firms at eye level”

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